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The Humanities


 Term 1Term 2Term 3
EYFSNavigating the classroom environment.
Seasonal changes.
Seasonal changes ongoing.
Snow, rain, ice and water.
Explore Skegness and the local area – make maps.
Comparing environments around the world (hot/cold places).
Seasonal changes ongoing.
Explore how waves wear away the coastline.
Year 1What is it like here?What is the weather like in the UK?What is it like to live in Shanghai?
Year 2Would you prefer to live in a hot or cold place?Why is our world wonderful?What is it like to live by the coast?
Year 3Why do people live near volcanoes?Who lives in Antarctica?Are all settlements the same?
Year 4Why are rainforests important to us?Where does our food come from?What are rivers and how are they used?
Year 5What is life like in the Alps?Why do oceans matter?Would you like to live in the desert?
Year 6Why does population change?Where does our energy come from?Can I carry out an independent fieldwork enquiry?