Our Term Dates


Term 1: Wednesday 2nd September to Friday 23rd October
Term 2: Monday 9th November to Thursday 17th December (extra training day Friday 18th December)
Term 3: Monday 4th January to Friday 12th February
Term 4: Monday 22nd February to Thursday 1st April
Term 5: Monday 19th April to Friday 28th May
Term 6: Monday 7th June Thursday 22nd July


Term 1: Thursday 2nd September to Friday 22nd October
Term 2: Monday 8th November to Monday 20th December
Term 3: Tuesday 4th January to Friday 11th February
Term 4: Thursday 21st February to Friday 1st April
Term 5: Tuesday 19th April to Friday 27th May
Term 6: Monday 6th June to Friday 22nd July