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Art at The Richmond School

At the Richmond School, our intent is to ensure all pupils produce creative, imaginative and individual work. Children are given the opportunity to explore their ideas and record their experiences, as well as exploring the work of others and evaluating different creative ideas. We hope our pupils will become confident and proficient in a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, sculpting, as well as other selected craft skills, e.g. collage, printing and textiles.
Children will also develop their knowledge of famous artists, designers and craft makers as well as a curiosity for Art and Design.
At the Richmond school we focus on developing the skills of one of the visual arts each term – drawing, painting, collage, sculpture, printing and textiles. As the pupils’ knowledge and skills progress, so will their knowledge of the 7 elements of art – line, shape, form, value/tone, colour, texture and space. Children will also know how art and design both reflect and shape history and culture and how influential some artists have been through integrated art and topic lessons. The curriculum map at our school allows pupils to learn about significant artists relating to their topic and produce some wonderfully creative work. The children are also encouraged to use the skills they use to present work and implement them in other areas of the curriculum.
During our national lockdown,  the creativity at the Richmond School never stops flowing. From our Headteacher's odd job challenge to online tutorials - our children continue to work incredibly hard and make us proud. We hope you enjoy looking at some of the wonderful work our amazing pupils have created.
Challenge: take a picture of something beautiful in nature
At the start of January, the whole school worked hard creating some wonderful animals following online tutorials. This is just a small selection of the incredible work created.
As a school have created some fabulous coffee monsters in the style of Stefan Kuhnigk. Each year group was given a feeling or emotion to portray in their creations.