Year 5

Welcome to Year 5!

​Welcome to the new term’s curriculum letter. We hope this is going to be an exciting term with a lot of new learning opportunities for everyone.
​Our topic this term is, ‘Britain at Play’. We will be exploring how people in Britain entertained themselves throughout history, how they spent their leisure time and where they went on holiday. Children will consider various enquiry questions aimed at prompting them to think about how older generations would have spent their spare time and comparing it to how people today spend leisure and holiday time. Geography will be linked with topic work to enhance the development of map skills and the exploration of human geography. The children will learn how to locate different holiday destinations from around the UK on maps and look into how holidays are celebrated around the world. 
​This term in science we will be thinking about what forces do. Children will ask questions, design experiments and observe forces at work. We will also explore how simple machines such as levers, pulleys and gears allow smaller forces to have greater effects.
Art and design will link to our topic this term as the children work to design their own games. We will also consider the famous painting through which our topic originates, ‘Britain at Play’ and develop our skills on drawing and painting people.
Our focus for English will span from poetry to traditional tales. We will consider both the structure and content of many pieces of work and will spend time exploring different grammatical features and spelling patterns.
​Whilst we are swimming this term PE will take place on a Friday afternoon. Full indoor PE kit will be required for our Friday afternoon session. Swimming will take place on a Thursday morning and children are expected to come prepared with all applicable equipment.
Once the new website is up and running our homework for this term will be published on the Year 5 class page. Children will be made aware of homework expectations in class. During the week, the children are given the opportunity to print any resources and access any online content they may need to complete their homework.
We look forward to a successful Year 5 and are excited to get started on our first term of learning!