Year 3
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Welcome to Year 3!

We hope this is going to be another exciting term with lots of new learning opportunities for everyone.

Our topic this term is ‘Meet the Flintstones!’ We will be transporting ourselves into the time of the Stone Age giving the children lots of opportunities to experience life as it was then. To enhance the children’s learning, we have booked a Stone Age workshop for the children to take part in on 10th January. We have also booked a trip to Flag Fen. 
In Art & Design the children will be designing and making a Roundhouse, building Stonehenge, creating a stone-age necklace and engaging in a battle using the weapons they have made.

As part of our role-play, the children will be encouraged to produce a piece of artwork on our cave walls.   
During our PE lessons we will be focusing on team games with outdoor and adventurous activities. The children will therefore need tracksuits and appropriate footwear for outdoors. 
​This term in English we will be looking at fairy tales, explanations, report writing and different types of poetry including Haiku, Tanka and Kennings. We will of course continue to study different authors and their works.
​We will be continuing to develop skills using the four operations in Maths focusing much more heavily on problem solving type questions. We will also look at different types of measurements.

​In Science we will be investigating forces and magnets with the children starting to take greater ownership of their learning.

​In RE we will be listening to, discussing and retelling stories that Jesus told.

We look forward to seeing you during our drop-in sessions and thank you for your continued support this year.     
Mrs Watts and Mrs O’Dare


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