Y6 Homework 2018-19

Current Homework

Maths 26th Jan.pdf
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This week we have a photograph of some rather interesting people upon which to base your writing!
English / Topic (by the end of January
Your task is to create an information booklet on a famous Victorian for other children your own age. You should choose one famous Victorian to write about in your information booklet. Our suggestions are: Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Queen Victoria, Florence Nightingale, Mary Seacole, Alexander Graham Bell, Charles Dickens, Lord Shaftesbury, Joseph Lister and Robert Louis Stevenson. However, if you have another famous Victorian in mind who you wish to write about instead, that’s absolutely fine. The information you include in your booklet must be written in your own words. You need to write 300 words or more. You should cover the key facts about this person’s life including, of course, the important things that they achieved and why they are famous. (Many of you will be capable of writing at least 500 words!) You can choose how to organise the information and illustrations within your booklet. Try to think creatively about the presentation of your work. Remember that it needs to appeal to other children your own age and should be interesting to read and look through, as well as useful and informative. If you use any books or web sites to help you with your ideas then you should list them at the end as a bibliography.
Maths (by 18th Jan)
Complete this sheet on fractions

Previous Homework

This week you have to include the following phrase in your text:
… but how could she just disappear … 
 Entries on paper by Friday 25th or via Edmodo by 26th January.

This week we have 5 words which seem to have no connections! They must all be in your writing but can be in any order. Don’t forget, your piece must make sense!
The words are:
Bicycle   Empty   Bubbles   Fired   Pink

Entries on paper by Friday 18th or via Edmodo by 19th January.
For the final challenge of 2018 you have a picture to base your writing on. 

Can you mention all the things you see in the picture in your story?
Due 7th December
Think about giving a gift to someone important to you.
If you could give three people any gift, what would you give them and why? You should explain in detail your reasons for your decisions about the people and the gifts you have selected.
Complete this sheet on decimals.
100 Word Challenge #13
Deadline Saturday 8th December
The prompt for this week is part of a sentence. You must include the four words exactly as written below! 
… but they were exhausted…
Things to consider:
Who are ‘they’? What have they been doing to make them tired? Is being exhausted a serious problem?
Due Friday 30th November
English / Science
Create a fact file about an endangered animal (minimum of 2 sides of A4)
Timetables - complete the worksheet.
We have a bit of an odd situation for the prompt this week. I’m sure it will get you really delving into your imaginations! It is: … we seemed to be on the television…
Deadline 7pm Saturday 1st December
Homework due 23rd November
Ask an adult to complete the questionnaire on smoking.
Complete some of the activities from the Great Online Schools French Challenge.
Goodness! There has been a bit of a disaster in the woods from the looks of it!
This week you have to base your writing on this picture.
Remember to stick to the 100 word limit. I am particularly looking for you to show off your range of vocabulary.
Homework due 16th November
English: Write a letter to a soldier or sailor thanking them for fighting for our country during the First World War.
Maths: Complete the worksheet given out in class 
100 Word Challenge Week 10
We have 5 words this week & our wonderful artist Terry Culkin has provided a cartoon to go with it. The words are:

Bricks Gorilla Yellow Running Pretty
You must use the words as they are printed but they can be in any order. The picture is not part of the prompt but it may give you some ideas.
Due by Saturday 17th November
Homework due 9th November
English - Author letter: Write a letter to your favourite author telling them why you like their books and asking them some questions about their work. (Examples)
Maths - Shopping Challenges: 
Good or Bad Deal?  
Danny’s shopping  
Lucy’s shopping
100 Word Challenge #09
Due by Saturday 10th November

This week you need to think about place.
The prompt is:
…I wondered what was behind the door…
Things to consider:
Where is the door? What might be behind it? How do you feel approaching it?

Previous Homework

Half Term Homework
This week for Maths we would like you to create a poster (A4 size) about one of the following topics:
Square Numbers         Prime Numbers          Factors and Multiples

We would also like you to continue working on your times tables using Times Table Rock Stars.

For English we would like you to write a book review of a book you have read recently – use the notes below to help you. (This can be done on paper or on Edmodo).
100 Word Challenges will be published on the school website (http://therichmondschoolskegness.com/year-6.htm), on here and on Edmodo on the 21st & 28th October. The challenge for the week beginning 21st October is to produce a piece based on the picture on the right.
You can also use Read Theory, First News iHub, Word Mania

How to write a book review
100 Word Challenge #08
Due by Saturday 3rd November
The challenge this week is to include the phrase:
… because I said so…
in your text.
100 Word Challenge #07
Due by Saturday 27th October
Some suggestions:
What is happening? Where have the insects come from? Who is the figure and what are they doing?
Homework due 19th October
: Question time!
Can you describe the icy world? Is the King evil or does he have no control over his powers?
Will the world ever return to summer again? Who/what will put a stop to winter?
Do polar bears and penguins get cold?
If there was no snow in the world, who would be affected?
How would you survive living in the North Pole?
What is the biggest threat to polar bears?

100 Word Challenge 
We have a set of 5 words for this week. As usual, they must all be in the post but can be in any order. They are:
Bath   Fighter   Danced   Orange   Clumsily

Maths: Download worksheet here - see the videos below for help
Homework (due in 12th October)
English: Create a character fact file.Choose a character from a well-known story and produce a fact file about that character.
100WC This week you have to include part of a sentence.
 Remember you must include these words exactly as they are written here:  …it reminded me of a time when…
Maths: BIDMAS Worksheet
Homework (due in 5th October)
English: Describe the view from your window. It could be about the real view from a window in your house or about the view from your dream location.
100WC Published on Edmodo on Sunday morning.
Maths: Rounding Worksheet (complete as many sections as you are able)
Week Beginning 24th September

100 Word Challenge #03 Due date - paper copies by Friday 28th, online Edmodo/email by Saturday 29th
The task this week is to include the following phrase:  …but it seemed to be going backwards…