The Richmond School
Staff members marked with an asterisk (*) are members of the school’s senior leadership team.
Head Teacher: Mrs C J Wellsted* - Named Person for Child Protection / Named Teacher for Looked After Children
Deputy Head Teacher: Mr R Danks* - French Subject Leader
Senior Teacher – Assessment / Lower KS2 Leader: Mr N Voce* - Maths Subject Leader    
Senior Teacher – Intervention / Upper KS2 Leader: Miss D Leetham* - Maths Subject Leader
KS1 Leader: Mrs K Beaumont - History Subject Leader
Foundation Stage Leader: Mrs S Rutherford - Maths Subject Leader
SENCO: Mrs M Cunningham* - English Subject Leader
Named Person for Child Protection / Family Welfare Officer: Mrs T Moore
Teaching Staff:
Mrs R Sharpe - PSHE Subject Leader
Mrs M Lake – Literacy Subject Leader
​Miss A Sampher – Arts Subject Leader
Miss R Stacey – Science Subject Leader
Mrs S O’Dare – English Subject Leader
Mrs L Watts – Science Subject Leader
​Mrs F Worthington
Mrs A Booth – DT Subject Leader
Mrs R Sylvester – Arts Subject Leader
Miss A Johnson – Geography Subject Leader
Miss E Chapman – RE Subject Leader
Mr B Liversidge – Computing Subject Leader
Mr D Ball – PE Subject Leader 

Senior Teaching Assistants: Mrs K Flintham* and Mrs P Wilson*
Pupil Premium Development Team:
Mrs C Wellsted – Head Teacher
Miss D Leetham – SLT
Mrs K Flintham – Senior TA
Mrs P Wilson – Intervention TA and Nurture Support / Senior TA
Mrs T Moore – Family Welfare Officer

Behaviour Improvement Mentor: Mrs M Cox
Teaching Assistants:
Miss M Dore
Mrs M Lenton
Miss S Keen
Mrs A Payne
Mr R Lill
Mrs K Kelly
Miss C Jones
Mrs J Taylor
Mrs C Grunnill
Mrs S Bedford
Mrs A Bradbrook
Miss K McCafferty
Mrs J Hazard
Miss R Chapman
Mrs T Dabbs
Mr W Porter
Miss L Adams
Mrs K Truskiewicz
Mrs C Whitehead        
Miss A Leverseidge
Mrs S Thompson
Mrs L Bradley
Mrs L Dowling 
Mrs A Smith
​Miss K Hodgson
Midday Controller: Mrs T Dabbs
Midday Supervisory Staff:
Mrs T Bembridge
Mrs L Bradley
Mrs S Thompson
Mrs L Barber
Mrs A Moorehouse
Mrs A Bradbrook
Miss C Patel
Mrs C Fullerton
Mrs K Hepworth
Miss D Lenihan
Miss S Whiley
Miss S Dudley
Ms K Yin Wan
Mrs G Romero
Miss J Moorehouse
Mrs E Adamson
Mrs J Bentley
Miss D Humphrey
Miss R Childs
Mrs J Lawson
Office Staff:
Mrs C Johnson* - Bursar
Mrs A Ziller - Senior Administrator
Mrs G Marshall - Clerical Assistant
Site Manager: Mr T Wilkinson
Assistant Caretaker: Mr M Parrott
School Cleaners:
Miss K McCafferty
Mrs A Cooper
Mrs L Barber
Mrs A Moorehouse
Miss D Humphrey