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Physical Education (PE)
​​A high-quality physical education curriculum inspires all pupils to succeed and excel in competitive sport and other physically-demanding activities. It should provide opportunities for pupils to become physically confident in a way which supports their health and fitness. Opportunities to compete in sport and other activities build character and help to embed values such as fairness and respect.
The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:
- develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities;
- are physically active for sustained periods of time; and
- engage in competitive sports and activities§  lead healthy, active lives.
​Summer Cup 
​A group of 38 children went to Skegness Grammar School on Monday 9th July to take part in the first Skegness Grammar School Summer Cup
5 primary schools took part in the event, The Richmond, Friskney All Saints, St Peter & St Pauls - Burgh, St Andrew's - Woodhall and Hogsthorpe. The children competed over several athletics track and field events including the long and triple jump, a target throw, javelin, obstacle and running events, relays and with our final event being team tug of war!
 The Y3 team was; Destiny, Lily, Emily, Tia, Jasmine, Jayden, Cruz, Torin, Theo and Lewis 
Y4; Sophie C, Imani, Brooke F, Carmel, Sofia, Johnny, Eden, Owen, Harry & Seb Y5: Freya, Ashlee, Faith. Scarlet, Eva, Corey, Emerson, William, Oliver Y6: Macey-Jayne, Amaleigh, Lily-Mai, Mayzi, Jenson, Kai-Stuart, Max, Benjamin & Samuel 
There were some last minute changes to the teams with George unable to take part in the Y5 events and Mayzi not able to take part in the Y6 running events.
The Y3 team picked up 2 wins; Emily winning the triple jump and Torin winning the obstacle race.
The Y4 team picked up 10 wins; Seb - long jump, Carmel - triple jump, Harry - javelin, Sophie - target throw, Eden - target throw, Brooke - 60m, Carmel - 300m, Harry - 300m, Sophie - obstacle race, and Johnny, Eden, Brooke & Carmel - 4 x 60m relay
The Y5 team picked up 7 wins; Emerson - triple jump, Ashlee - 60m, Eva - 300m, Freya - 600m, Corey - 600m, Eva - obstacle, and Ashlee, eva, Emerson & Oliver 4 x 60m relay
The Y6 team picked up 6 wins; Kai-Stuart - triple jump, Lily-Mai 60m, Amaleigh - 300m, MJ - 600m, Lily-Mai - obstacle and Lily-Mai, MJ, Samuel & Jenson - obstacle relay.
The girls from Y4,5 & 6 won all 11 of the individual track events with performance of the day probably going to Freya who stepped in to run and win the 600m with a few minutes notice!
1st - The Richmond School 250 points
2nd - St Peter & St Pauls, Burgh-Le-Marsh 246 points
3rd - St Andrew’s, Woodhall Spa 210
4th - Hogsthorpe 173
5th - Friskney All Saints 171
Fixtures Summer Term 2018
​Primary School Leadership Day  Y5 Skegness Grammar School Thursday 19th April  10.00-12.00
​Athlete Visit - Justine Lucas, 24th April
Girls Football Week Festival Y3/4 & Y5/6 Wainfleet Road   Friday 27th April 11.00-13.00
KS2 Multi-sports Challenge  KS2 Skegness Grammar School Thursday 3rd May 10.30-12.00
ESFA Regional Football Y5/6 Nottingham University,  Saturday 5th May 11.30 – 3.30
Cross Country Y3/4 & Y5/6  Skegness Grammar School Thursday 10th May 13.30-15.00
KS1 Multi-sports Challenge KS1 Skegness Grammar School Wednesday 16th May 10.30-12.00
Change4Life Festival KS2  Skegness Grammar School Tuesday 22nd May 13.00-15.00

Term 6
Kwik Cricket Yr 5 mixed  Skegness Cricket Club  Wednesday 6th June  9.15-12.00 
Kwik Cricket Yr 6 mixed  Skegness Cricket Club  Thursday 7th June  9.15-12.00
Tri Golf Y3/4   Skegness Grammar School  Thursday 14th June 13.00-15.00 
Mini Tennis Red   Y3/4  Spilsby Tennis Club  Tuesday 19th June 13.00-15.00 
Rounders   Y5/6 mixed Skegness Grammar School Wednesday 20th June 12.45-15.00
District Athletics   TBC  Well Cricket Club,  Alford Thursday 21st June 10.00-14.00 
Golden Ticket Trip – Tuesday 3rd July
Athletics Talent Day  Skegness Grammar School (Outdoors) – Thursday 5th July    12.00-15.00
SGS Summer Cup  Y3-6   Skegness Grammar School Monday 9th July 11.00-14.00   
Participation in Sporting Fixtures
By the end of the Spring Term we have had 111 pupils represent our school in at least one sporting fixture.
Lily-Mai (Y6) continues to be the busiest with 13 appearances, closely followed by Macey-Jayne (Y6) with 12.
Mayzi (Y6) & Emerson (Y5) both have 9 appearances, whilst Freya P(Y5) and George (Y5) both have 8.
​Participation in Sporting Fixtures Autumn Term
With one event still to go, we have now had 76 pupils represent our school in at least one sporting fixture this term. 
Lily-Mai (Y6) has been the busiest making 4 appearances in four different events; cross country, athletics, football and rowing.
Taylor (Y5), Macey-Jayne (Y6), Corey (Y5), Max (Y6), Ollie (Y5), Eden (Y4), Harry (Y4), Noah (Y4), Mayzi (Y6), Colby (Y5), Tyler M (Y6), Amaleigh (Y6), Freya P (Y5), Samuel R (Y6), Luke (Y5), Owen (Y5), Jenson (Y6), Emerson (Y5) and George (Y5) have all made three appearances.
​More about our PE and Sport at our school can be found
6 children from Y6 took part in a rowing competition at Skegness Grammar School on the 1st December, picking up first place overall.
November 2017
November was a very busy and successful month for our sports teams.
On the 22nd 18 children from Y3 and Y4 took part in a Sports Hall Athletics competition at Skegness Grammar School. We finished in 1st and 6th places overall.
On the 23rd a Y3 team and a Y4 team took part in an indoor football tournament. The Y4's took first place with the Y3's claiming 5th place.
THe football moved outside on the 28th with 3 teams from Y5/6 taking part in a competition on the astroturf at Skegness Grammar School. We picked up 1st, 3rd and 5th places; with the A team winning all their games without conceding a goal.
On Wednesday 29th 35 children from Y5/6 took part in their version of the Sports Hall Athletics. We finished in 2nd and 7th places.
Cross Country 2017
36 children from Years 4 - 6 took part in this year's cross country event at Well Cricket Club near Alford.

Boot Camp with Robert York
In October we were able to offer our KS2 pupils the chance to train with former pupil Robert York.
Robert is an international class windsurfer with ambitions of competing in the Olympics.
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