Homework for Y6

​Homework can be found on Edmodo and at https://richmond6s.blogspot.co.uk/ as well as on this page.

Summer Term Homework
For the Summer Term we are asking children to complete tasks from the sheet below. Copies can be downloaded by clicking the link to the right of this box.
WW2 HWK.pdf
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Homework 27th April to 4th May
Maths Revision - Reasoning Paper
English - Harry Potter Reading Comprehension 
100WC#29 Include the words: SHOUTED    CRIMSON    MISTY    FRANTICALLY    GRAVE
Homework 19th to 26th April
​Maths Revision Time
English Reading Comprehension 
100 WC   This week we have a very strange appearance in the woods!
Things to think about: What can you see? Where has it come from? How do you feel?
Homework 9th to 16th March
100WC#24 We have a picture to write about this week.
Maths and English revision files went home on Friday and need to be returned each Friday for new activities to be added.
Homework 25th February to 2nd March
​​100WC#21:  This week we are looking at five words. All need to be in your writing but they can be in any order. You might find it useful to write out a short plan to make sure you get them all in and that your piece makes sense!
The words are:                      Ladder               Goldfish                    Flew               Brown                 Slowly
English: If you could interview your favourite author, what would you ask them? 
Write at least 8 interesting questions.
Maths: Area and Perimeter worksheets
Homework 19th to 24th February
The promoting Skegness homework set on the 9th February is still in progress.
The 100 Word Challenge for this week involves the picture which can be found here of a strange group invading the wood!
Things to consider: Where have they come from? Why are they here? What mood are they in?

Homework 10th to 17th February
​Your task is to promote tourism to Skegness by creating an advertising campaign. You should create at least 2 of the following;
Video advert (max 30 seconds) / Radio advert (max 30 seconds) / Newspaper advert (A4 size) / Poster (A3 size max) / Leaflet

There is also a 100 Word Challenge this week. The focus is on using verbs and adverbs. You have to include the phrase:
…we were moving very fast when …
Things to consider: Where were you going? Does speed make a difference? What would changing the speed do?
​Homework 3rd to 9th February 
This week we are asking the children to produce an illustrated map of either their journey to school, or of part / all of Skegness.
The 100 Word Challenge for this week is to include: … it came down the drainpipe… in your writing.
Homework 26th January to 2nd February
​Maths - revision of calculations. Complete one of the attached sheets (as directed in class)
Sheet 1 (easier)
Sheet 2 (harder)
English - write an imagined history of the man in Michael's shed. Task
100 Word Challenge - Write a conversation between the members of this family.
Homework 19th to 26th January
​Maths - complete the sheet on adding and subtracting fractions given out in class
English - descriptive writing (describing a room)
English - read chapters 6 & 7 of Skellig
English - 100 Word Challenge. This week we have 5 words that you must include in your writing! They are: red before snake clock cycled
Homework 12th - 19th January
English - write an estate agent brochure to advertise your house for sale.
Maths - Roman Numerals & finding the mean average worksheets.
​English - 100 Word Challenge
This week your writing is to be based on this picture below.
Ideas to think about: Is this a creature? Where did it come from? Why is it here?
Homework 5th - 12th January
As part of our, 'I do like to be beside the seaside topic', we would like you to interview older relatives or friends about their childhood holidays.

Homework 8th 15th December
Research or visit a Christian church. Find out about the different parts inside a church and what they are used for, e.g. font, altar, lectern pulpit.​
English: Something lost
Write a description about how you felt when you lost a treasured possession. 
If you have not lost a treasured belonging use your imagination to describe how you would feel.​
Maths: Time
Practise telling the time using both analogue and digital clocks.
Collect examples of practical uses of time, e.g. photos of shop opening times, TV schedules, bus timetables​..
100 Word Challenge
This week we have a video prompt. You can view the video here

Homework 1st-8th December
1. Science Biography
Research and create a biography for one of the following scientists;
Charles Drew  William Harvey Louis Pasteur Edward Jenner

2.100 Word Challenge 13
The prompt for this week is: ....the tiger was blocking our escape...
You must include the above phrase exactly as it is.

3 Maths Measures
Complete the attached sheets 'Classroom Refit' and 'In the pool'​ unless you have been given an alternative sheet(s).

Homework 17th - 24th November
English Homework - Information Text

Research how a piece of technology works, e.g. a television, a microwave, x-box, a hairdryer.
Present your findings as an information text.
Include clear explanations with sub-headings, instructions and a labelled diagram.
Maths Homework.
Share your knowledge of fractions by producing a poster for a Year 4 child. Remember all the vocabulary and rules you have learnt.
100 Word Challenge.
The challenge this week is to write about this picture
Things to think about:
Who is it?    What are they doing there?       Should you be afraid?       What is the climax of your story?

Homework 10th to 17th
  1. Write a 'Book Review' (Click the link for more information)
  2. Fractions- Complete at least one of the following: Flower Power  Fraction Squares  Fractions of Numbers 1  Fractions of numbers 2
  3. Complete this week's 100 Word Challenge - 
This week we are looking at using clauses and commas.   The prompt is:   …but where would we hide it all?…
Things to think about:
  > What is the ‘all’ referred to?
  >  Where is it now?
  >  Why does it have to be moved?
Remember you must use the words in the prompt exactly as they are.

Homework 3rd to 10th November

In English we have been working on writing reports for the last couple of weeks, so we would like you to write a report about the Gunpowder Plot of 1605.
Unlike most reports you are allowed to use the past tense (you are writing about an historical event).
Your report should tell us:
* When the plot was planned
* Who was involved
* Where the attack was to take place
* Why they were plotting
* How they were going to carry out the attack
* What went wrong
Your report should be between 200 and 400 words long. It must be written in sentences and organised into paragraphs.
History Learning
Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night
Gunpowder Plot video
Gunpowder-Fact File
Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot facts and information

In Maths we are developing our multiplication skills so we would like you to use Math Magician to prove you know your tables by saving a certificate for each times table.

100 Word Challenge:
In keeping with the season, this week we have a very strange photograph. What's happening? Does it show ghosts out shopping? Where have they come from? Are they dangerous?
​Half Term
Apart from a new 100 Word Challenge each Sunday, we are not setting any new homework over half term. Children who have missing pieces of work have a chance to catch up. 
You should also be;
reading every day
using the English and Maths resources on our blog
working on Sumdog & Xtramath
working on Word Mania.
Ask for login details if you have forgotten them (use Edmodo or email me)

Homework 13th to 20th October
1: Wear it wild
For your homework this week we would like you to get creative and make a mask or outfit to wear on ‘Wear It Wild Day’ – Friday 20th October. As we are learning about caring for our environment this term you should try to use recycled materials rather than new where possible. https://wearitwild.wwf.org.uk/about/

2: 100 Word Challenge: Write a newspaper report based around this picture.

6th - 13th October
Maths – This week we would like you to create a poster (A4 sized) about one of the following mathematical topics:
Square Numbers Multiples Factors Prime Numbers
We would also like you to practise your times tables using the resources on the maths resources page of our blog.
English-  Write a poem (free verse) about the view from your window. It could be about the real view from a window in your house or about the view from your dream location
100WC #05 - The prompt this week is:
Describe your most treasured item without actually giving what it is away. 
Things to think about:
Why is it so precious to you?
Who gave it to you or how did you come to have it?
As you cannot say its name, use lots of adjectives and descriptions.

29th September - 6th October You have three tasks to complete this week:
1. Maths – Shopping
Complete one of the following shopping challenges:
Good or Bad Deal?
​Danny’s shopping
​Lucy’s shopping
Are you a smart shopper?
2. English
Write a letter to your favourite author telling them why you like their books and asking them some questions about their work.
3. 100WC #04
The prompt for this week's 100 word challenge is part of a sentence and it is:
…and the dog was wearing glasses…

Things to consider:
What is the situation here?
Were there other animals present?
How did you feel when you saw this?
Include the prompt exactly as it is without changing any of the words. 
Write exactly 100 words.

All work should be handed in by Friday 6th October