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Please Visit!

Thursday 26th January
Puppet making — parents and carers are invited to come and make puppets with their child during the    morning.


We aim to use the outdoor area as much as possible during the winter months and it would be useful if the children could bring in wellingtons to wear. Please could you ensure they are named. Thank you.

Welcome to the Foundation Stage!

​This term, we will be learning about fairytales. We are trying hard to sit and listen carefully and remember to put our hand up during carpet time.

Communication, Language and Literacy

We will be…
· Reading traditional stories
· Retelling stories using puppets, drama, story boards and dressing up
· Forming our letters correctly
· Learning new sounds in our daily phonics time 
· Learning to read and spell tricky words.

Mathematical Development

​We will be…
· Using language involved in adding and subtraction
· Counting in 2s, 5s and 10s
· Forming our numbers correctly
· Using non-standard units for measuring weight, height and length.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

We will be…
· Trying to be more independent and do things for ourselves
· Asking the children to use more detail when talking about themselves
· Learning about celebrations - weddings, birthdays and baptism.

Knowledge and Understanding

We will be...
· Asking questions and finding out why things happen
· Experimenting with torches and lights
· Learning about the Chinese New Year.

Creative Development

Physical Development

We will be...
· Working together to retell familiar stories
· Learning to keep to a rhythm  whilst playing instruments
· Developing our painting skills.
​We will...
· Work together in parachute games
· Begin to understand the need to handle tools and equipment safely
· Be observing the effects of activity on our bodies.

Things to Do at Home

Your children will still be bringing home their reading folders on a Friday. Please encourage them to ‘read’ words around the home, the supermarket and whilst out and about. For example signs, labels, packets and magazines.

We will also be looking at forming numbers correctly and any help you could give would be appreciated.

All the children would benefit from any opportunities to cut paper with scissors. It may be that they cut the pictures off the Christmas cards or pictures out of a catalogue.

Letters and Sounds

Library Books

Children will bring home their reading folder on a Friday. Please ensure these are returned to school by the following Wednesday so that new work can be given.
​We visit the school library every week to listen to and use a story sack before choosing a library book to share with you. Please return it to school on Monday so that your child can make use of our well resourced library.

Water Bottles

​Please remember that your child is only allowed water in their school drinks bottle which they keep in the classroom. Please ensure it contains fresh water each morning.

PE Kits

​PE will continue to take place on a Wednesday and Thursday. Please can PE kit be school on these days.


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