Learning this Term

​We will be focusing on the following:
· Recognising 2-D shapes and talking about their properties
· Counting and using numbers to 10
· Talking about ourselves and our   families  
· Beginning to learn the days of the week and months of the year
· Becoming more independent and trying to do our jobs in the morning by ourselves
· Becoming more confident and accurate when using tools i.e. scissors


We aim to use the outdoor area as much as possible during the winter months and it would be useful if the children could bring in wellingtons to wear. Please could you ensure they are named. Thank you.

Welcome to the Foundation Stage!

​This term, we will be trying hard to sit and listen carefully and remember to put our hand up during carpet time. 

Letters and Sounds

Nursery Folders

​Once your child is in full time, they will bring home their reading folder on a Friday. Please ensure these are returned to school by the following Wednesday so that new work can be given.
​We would like to see your child’s learning journal from nursery. Please hand them to the class teacher and we will return them as soon as we have looked through them.

Library Books

​We visit the school library every week to listen to and use a story sack before choosing a library book to share with you. Please return it to school on Monday so that your child can make use of our well resourced library.

Water Bottles

​Please remember that your child is only allowed WATER in their school drinks bottle which they keep in the classroom. Please ensure it contains fresh water each morning.