Our Vision

Valued Children - Celebrating success, nurturing pride
Inspired Children - Creative classrooms developing aspirations
Successful Children - Academic, artistic or athletic achievements
Individual Children – Well-rounded and confident
Open-Minded Children – Appreciating diversity, supportive of all
Nourished Children – The mind, the body, the soul

Our Values

​We value mutual respect for one another and accept that we are all individuals.
We value pupil voice.
We value hard work and determination to succeed.
We value working as a team with each other, parents and the local community.

Our Aims

​A1 To provide the highest quality teaching and learning for each child through a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum that is accessible to all. The curriculum will be structured to meet individual needs and abilities and a range of teaching styles and strategies will be employed.
A2 To promote high standards of literacy and numeracy in school
A3 To develop self-confidence, self-esteem and self-discipline in our pupils so that they learn to understand what is acceptable behaviour.
A4 To provide a school environment which is dedicated to promoting high standards of achievement and enjoyment of learning.
A5 To encourage children to take pride in presenting and completing a task and to set themselves targets and strive to meet those set by their teacher.
A6 To enable each child to develop a lively enquiring mind with the ability to question and discuss whilst becoming an increasingly independent learner.
A7 To encourage children to care for, consider and respect each other, adults and the religious, moral and cultural values of their own country and those of other countries. 
A8 To encourage pupils to continually develop in all personal, emotional, social, moral, spiritual, cultural, creative and physical areas of school life as a foundation for life long learning.
A9 To develop scientific skills through an investigational and practical approach in order to give pupils a deeper understanding of the world in which they live.
A10 To provide children with opportunities to value and develop the school environment and be made aware of environmental, geographical and historical issues in their own country and worldwide.
A11 To develop pupil’s confidence and competency in technical skills in order to adapt to an ever increasing and more complex technological society.
A12 To consider and respond to the needs of all personnel, for their continued professional development within the context of the schools overall needs and the needs of the wider educational community.

Our Rules

​Our words and actions are kind.
Our words and actions are caring.
Our words and actions are respectful.
Our words are truthful.
We are team Richmond.